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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I don't suppose anyone would read my blog but to those who does, thank you for taking your time to read. 

Alhamdulillah, All praises are to Allah.

After every storm there's a rainbow and with patience you will succeed. I would very much want to write whatever is in my mind but it's too much to even put it into words. All, i can say is one word and that is 'Alhamdulillah'.

Life is a journey to your destination. 

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3:04 PM

Monday, August 13, 2012



The more im determined to forgive and forget, the more information that makes my heart breaks to pieces. Astarghfirullahal'azim... I believe this is a challenge that Allah has given me. For He is the Al-Merciful and the Most Forgiving. 

May Allah forgive our sins and pardon us. Insya' Allah... Amin Ya Rabbil Alamin...

Sometimes it hurts to tell the what happened from the beginning all over again cause it brought back the pain i was feeling. Nevertheless, i am just telling from my side of the incident that happened. As a friend, i think it is better for someone to hear from my side and hear from the other. We all are human. We can deny, we can admit for only Allah knows what actually happened. For what happened, He wants us to learn from each other and there are reasons behind it all.

Astarghfirullah. I am no pure person nor am i great, I am just a normal girl that shares my part of life and knowledge. May Allah gives me strength for this challenge. I know it isn't over and will never be if one side has not forgiven or forgotten and continues on living with the vengeance. 

May Allah gives us strength to forgive and shows us to the road of truth. Amin Ya Rabbil Alamin...

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
9:39 PM

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Be positive


Astarghfirullahal'azim, things happened and some are not pretty. Some are really testing my patient and some can really make me feel down. However, all that comes are from Allah S.W.T.

Some people are better off without being together. I believe that Allah is the best planner and he planned for us to be among those who can bring us to Jannah. I believe that Allah love us to do good and avoid (being kept away from) things that are bad influeneces. People may think otherwise and judge us as they are but Allah is the best planner of us all. This is the way our lives has to be.

People come and people go, some people are with us to stay and some are challenges we have to come across. We need them both. Those who are with us are our weaknesses (we wouldn't want anything to happen to them and we will sacrifice for their happiness; LOVE) and others are our strength. (If it weren't for them, we won't be stronger and wiser to face the 'real' world).

There is a reason behind everything that happened in life.

It can be a challenge to be positive and always look on the bright side. However, be positive and look on the brightside anyways. Istighfar and dzkir are some of the boost to a more positive mind. Insya'allah.

Let us all pray for the good of each other and avoid from the bad influences. May Allah grant us patience and strength. Insya'allah... Amin Ya Rabbil Alamin...

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
11:11 AM

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something to share


Alhamdulillah... Once more we meet again, Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah... May this Ramadhan be better than the Ramadhan before. Insya'Allah....

As life goes on, i took a detour to the natural disposition of complete way of life. I realized there were obstacles that i have to encounter. Challenges that i least expected. However, with this storm i learnt that a great sailor will not be a great sailor without a storm. Nevertheless, i did some wrong that i have no intentions to do so. It just happened that, i didn't realize it was sinful. Astarghfirullahal'azim...

I have no intention to hurt anyone and I have no intention to make things bad. I wanted to do good and sometimes my reactions can be unreasonable as i was angry. When people are angry they would say things they never meant to say or even want to say it at all if they aren't angry. But we can't turn back time, what's done is done. All i can do is forgive and forget. Seek forgiveness to those involved. 

I don't call myself pious or pretend to be one. I am not a saint nor someone who is pure. People wronged me, say things about, assumed things but I am just doing what i do best. Share. 

Sharing is an act that shows you care. Sharing is a solution from one to another to choose. Sharing is an experience. Sharing is what made up the world news. Sharing is a choice.

Sharing can be good and can be bad. Depends on what you are sharing. Sometimes, your intention of sharing can attract doubts from people around you. My advise is stay true to yourself and do it for the sake of Allah. Insya'Allah. HE is All Knowing. 

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
8:01 AM

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am a Soldier


This month, i watched Act Of Valor and Special Forces, the two movies about a special team of soldiers rescueing another human being.

Act of Valor : A team of special team have to rescue a CIA agent who have been captured for questioning for she has been under cover on the 'black market'. The team had quite a strategy and the plot is damn awesome. They rescued her within hours.

However, the villain eventually was ahead of them and they had to catch him. In the operation, a team leader sacrificed his life, although he knew that he is about to be a new father, in order to save his teammates as well as to get the bad guy!

Special Forces : Another special team have to rescue a reporter in the war zone. Similarly like Act of Valor, however, these team were being chased by the bad guys and eventually lost point of contact. The helicopter that were supposed to pick them up were shot down. In order to survive and saved the reporter they had to cross border and through the journey, lives were lost and sacrifices were being made. In the end, only the reporter made it to the headquarter across the borders. Nevertheless, the reporter demanded to save the last 2 soldiers that were left stranded.

Overall, both movies taught me a valuable lesson that is working as a TEAM. The relationship that they build with each other were more than just team mates. In fact, they were like families that they would protect with their own lives. Although it is their job to protect but the bond that they have were very strong! Another lesson that i learnt, is being strong, focus and stable on the operation. Cause when one of your mate is down, you have to move on in an instant. In order to achieve and save other lives.

Being strong and united were the summarised lesson i've learnt from these two movies. I believed that not only in movies but these two qualities actually adopted by soldiers. Like it or not when you are on grounds, that is your family and you need them in order to safegaurd your other family.

How i wish we adopt these kind of qualities everywhere in industries and families! Look at it this way, soldiers risk their lives for strangers and save them no matter what... But some of us, back stabbed their own in order to get to the top! -_-"

Stay strong and united~~!!!

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
7:20 PM

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweat it out!!!


It has been awhile since the last time i wear my sport shoes to go on a jogging trip around the perimeter that i used to run 5 rounds last time. Although today, it is an 'ambition' to run 5 rounds but getting all sweaty satisfied my needs. I'm loving it. The reason last time i ran 5 rounds to get this kind body sweat but today, it takes ONE!!! Wo0ow!!! I have too much fats and calories to burn... wuhooooooo!!!

Insya'allah... May my goal be achieved... Amin...

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
8:40 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

In the train, I was with the girls but was far behind. I love to be at the back rather than the front that leads or middle that just being safe guarded by the back and the front. Back is a perfect place for me, as the last person to leave and making sure everyone is safe. In between those words, no one actually talk to the last person. Get it! (having the perfect time watching him)

I wasn't wearing any make up and was trying my best not to be in the spotlight or wherever the camera lenses is. In addition, he was holding on to the DSLR.

Lizzie was the most noisy girl there and mentioned about an activity for the next reunion, that is rock climbing. In my mind, she's pretty, sporty and adventurous. Guys would surely admire her. Thinking to myself that i may not have a chance with this orange shirt guy. All hopes were gone.

Arriving at Choa Chu Kang, we were walking towards the bus that will brought us straight to the front entrance of the zoo, my heart felt tingling feeling as he was walking next to me. In an instant, i walkde as fast or as slow not to be walking beside him instead.

In the bus, i was hoping that he would sit next to me but he sat way at the back and one of the others sat beside me. I took a chance once in awhile to get a glimpse or even view of him. The next thing i knew, he was fast asleep in the bus.

I was wondering to myself if we ever get to talk to each other or even know each other. Otherwise, i am just having fun.

? a life to0 precious to WASTE.
2:09 PM


Welcome to MY space to Blog! I hope you will be entertain with my so-called everyday life event. It may NoT be interesting, may NoT be weird as I indicate it, maybe plain BUT Thank You for taking time reading it.. Cheers ;)


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